Town Of Richfield, Wood County, WI

Town Hall Rentals

Richfield Town Hall Rental Reminders

  1. Hall

    • Clean chairs and tables.
    • Stack chairs no more than 8 high.
    • Put ALL tables on storage carts.
    • Dust mop and vacuum rugs.
    • Wet mop floors.
    • Empty waste baskets.
    • Lift tables and chairs, don't drag across floor.
    • Remove any black marks from floor.
  2. Bathrooms
    • Clean toilets and urinal.
    • Clean sinks and mirrors.
    • Empty waste baskets.
    • Sweep floors.
    • Wet mop floors.
    • Make sure the water is not running in the sinks, toilets and urinal.
    • Please dump mop bucket water down the toilet not the urinal.
  3. Meeting Room
    • NO cooking on counters, use tables.
    • Clean sink.
    • Dust mop floor.
    • Wet mop floor.
    • Empty waste baskets.
  4. Hallway
    • Dust mop floor and vacuum rug.
    • Wet mop floor.
    • Clean water fountain.

* All supplies are in hallway closet.
* In summer, turn air off when you leave.
* In winter, turn heat down to 68 degrees when you leave.
* All garbage goes to the dumpster located to the northwest of the building
* Leave keys on top of microwave, make sure all doors are locking and exit out the west doors.
* In case of problems, please contact Tirzah Draeger (715-225-6748), Jim Good (715-676-3932), Chris McDaniel (715-676-2609), or Walter Schroder (715-652-2786)

To Rent the Richfield Town Hall Contact:

Sandi Schill at 715.652.3958


Town Hall Rent:  $150

Deposit:  $100

Total Due at reserving date:  $250

Please make out two checks, deposit returned if left clean.


Town Hall Rent:  $200

Deposit:  $100

Total Due at reserving date:  $300

Please make out two checks, deposit returned if left clean.