Town Of Richfield, Wood County, WI

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Animal Control Contact Information

For enforcement of Wisconsin Statute Chapter 174 Dogs, as well as for consultation about other animal issues:

Contact Nanci Kinney, Wood County Humane Officer. She can be reached by calling the Wood County Sheriff Dispatcher at 715-652-2107.

For stray or injured dogs and other animals:

Contact South Wood County Humane Society Inc.
Main number: 715.423.0505
After hours pager: 715.697.8131
Exec. Director, Bridget Chariton: 715.570.1629
SWCHS Medical Expert: 715.323.1326

** Definition of a stray dog: - "If a dog does not have a tag, assume it is a stray."

Note: When the owner cannot be determined, SWCHS should be contacted to pick up the dog by calling the main number during office hours or the page number after hours.

The town of Richfield will be charged the $70.00 per animal pickup fee as per our Annual Service Agreement. SWCHS makes efforts to determine the owner. They keep a stray for seven days. After seven days, the animal becomes legally theirs and they start the adoption process. If the owner is found, they will be charged a $30.00 reclaiming fee and it is up to the Town of Richfield to contact the owner to recover the $70.00 pickup fee.

Dog License

The owner of a dog more than 5 months old on January 1st of any year, or 5 months old within the license year, shall annually on or before the date the dog becomes 5 months old, pay the dog license tax and obtain a license. Dog license fees are not included in the tax bill.

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